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Top 5 Foreign Language Courses To Study

Top 5 Foreign Language Courses To Study

Canadian thinker Marshall McLuhan coined the term global village in 1960s which is coming out strong in the present times as the boundaries between trade and communication have almost disappeared. As more and more people are reckoning with the identity of a global citizen, they are now looking for global career options. Not just for travel and tourism industry, foreign language has a scope in corporate sector and even in governance.

Studying a second or third language is undeniably useful. Bilingualism increases executive function in the brain, which improves cognition, decision-making, and self-control. Aside from the physical advantages, bilingual visitors find it easier to absorb themselves in locations where they understand the language. The advantages are obvious, and often students find themselves confused about which language to study.

Here is a list of five foreign language courses trending globally:

Chinese: Because Chinese is the most frequently spoken language in the world, with 1.2 billion people speaking it in some form, it only seems logical to go for it.  Even though there are many dialects of Chinese, they all have the same writing system, so mastering one will help you communicate with those who speak other dialects via the written word.

Spanish: As a matter of fact Spanish is the official language of over 21 nations and is the second most widely spoken language after Mandarin/Chinese. It is spoken by approximately 530,000,000 people worldwide. Furthermore, in fields such as travel and tourism, translation, interpretation, teaching, and international business and communications, many Spanish enterprises are rapidly expanding their presence globally.

French: After English, French is the second most extensively studied foreign language in the world, and it’s pretty understandable why. French is the official language of 29 nations, including France and Canada, so whether you visit Tunisia, Senegal, or Switzerland, you’ll be able to interact effectively with the natives. With over 300 million native speakers, French is taught in every country on the planet. French is widely regarded as one of the simpler languages to learn, and the vast amount of French content available provides practically limitless practice opportunities.

Korean: Another one in the list is Korean, the 18th most widely spoken language in the world, with approximately 75 million people speaking it. The language will only become more important as Korea’s worldwide impact grows, both culturally and politically.

The Korean alphabet, Hangul, is made up of only 24 characters, each of which is spelled to reflect how you would pronounce it.

Korean is also known for being considerably easier to learn and understand than Chinese.

German: Following English, German is the world’s third most well-liked foreign language, and the second most popular in Europe and Japan. Between 89 and 110 million people speak German as their first language. German companies employ a large number of people, and learning German can lead to fantastic work prospects.. Tourists from German-speaking countries travel widely and spend the most money while on vacation. They appreciate being attended after by employees and tour guides who speak German.



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