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Top 9 Food Delivery App Companies That Offer Great Employment Opportunities


Food delivery apps have revolutionized how consumers get everything from fast food to groceries delivered right to their doorstep. Beyond convenience, these apps provide flexible earning opportunities for drivers.

“I can log in and out around my full-time job, making it easy to earn extra money whenever I want,” says Brett Mallory from Cheboygan, Michigan. With a full-time job at the U.S. Postal Service, Mallory finds food delivery a convenient side hustle in familiar surroundings.

Drivers typically work as independent contractors, setting their own schedules. Requirements generally include a valid driver’s license, passing a background check, and having reliable transportation.

For lucrative opportunities and flexible schedules, consider these top food delivery apps:

DoorDash/Caviar: Known for restaurant meals and grocery deliveries, DoorDash operates in over 7,000 cities across several countries. Dashers enjoy flexibility and potential earnings through base pay, tips, and promotions.

Favor: Based in Austin, Texas, Favor delivers a wide range of items beyond meals, including groceries and prescriptions. Runners earn a base pay plus 100% of tips, with potential earnings reported between $15 to $28 per hour.

Gopuff: Operating from micro-fulfillment centers, Gopuff delivers snacks, groceries, and essential goods. Drivers manage orders through the Gopuff Driver app and earn through base rates, tips, and bonuses, with potential earnings ranging from $17 to $22 per hour.

Grubhub: With a vast network of restaurant partners, Grubhub delivers meals in over 4,000 U.S. cities. Drivers earn a base rate, tips, and may receive minimum guaranteed earnings based on area, with reported median earnings of $22 per hour.

Hungry: Serving corporate clients, Hungry connects local chefs with businesses for catering and group orders. Captains earn per gig plus tips, averaging $25 to $36 per hour across 13 metro areas.

Instacart: Offering grocery pickup and delivery from 85,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, Instacart hires full-service shoppers and in-store shoppers. Pay varies by role, with full-service shoppers earning around $18.33 per hour on average.

Roadie: Known for local deliveries, Roadie transports groceries and other items from retailers to consumers. Drivers earn per delivery, with potential earnings increasing based on distance and item size.

Shipt: Specializing in grocery deliveries, Shipt operates in over 5,000 cities. Shoppers receive pay per order plus tips, with potential earnings averaging $25 to $35 per hour.

Uber Eats/Postmates: Uber Eats partners with over a million merchants globally and operates in more than 11,000 cities. Drivers earn fees per delivery, plus tips and potential bonuses, with average earnings around $18.45 per hour.

Each app offers unique benefits and work conditions, making it essential to choose based on availability in your area and personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for part-time income or a flexible career, these food delivery apps provide ample opportunities to earn and grow.