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Top international schools in Berlin

Top international schools in Berlin

Germany is a great place to educate your children. International schools have an excellent reputation in terms of quality teaching and excellent tools that nurture students ’global thinking. Germany is also a tolerant, democratic, beautiful and safe country. Your children can learn German, which is spoken by more than 100 million people worldwide.

1. The John F. Kennedy School in Berlin

JFKS is a bilingual school that accepts students between the ages of 6 and 18. As a public school that does not charge tuition, JFKS School offers primary and secondary school. German and American curricula are offered to students, making it one of the most sought after schools in Berlin by foreign expats. The school boasts a bilingual and bilingual program that emphasizes the special relationship between the United States and Germany.

2. Quentin Blake European School

QBES is an international public primary school that offers bilingual education. Teaching is in German and English, and French is introduced from 5th grade. As a day school, v QBES offers an intercultural experience, having a diverse student body from all parts of the globe.

3. Berlin British School

The Berlin British School is a private independent school that provides international education for children aged 2 to 18. The BBS offers IB and UK curricula. The campuses are distributed in three places; The high school campus (ages 11-18), the elementary school campus near the Havelchaussee apartment buildings (ages 2-6) and the elementary school campus near the Olympic Stadium (ages 6-11). The external assessment at the school is the German MSA (Mittlerer Schulabschluss), IBDP and IGCSE. Students who complete their IB degree here gain access to the best universities around the world. The main language of instruction at the institution is English.

4. Swiss International School – Berlin

SIS is a bilingual independent school that offers German and English curricula between the ages of 3 and 18. The school offers the German Abitur program under the Berlin State Program and the International Bachelor’s Degree Program (IB).

The main languages ​​of instruction are German and English, while the school offers post-secondary programs such as sports, music and arts activities. SIS has other locations throughout Germany, these are Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen, Ingolstadt, Kassel, Regensburg and Stuttgart Felbach.

5. Berlin Brandenburg International School

BBIS is an international school (ages 3 to 18) that stands out worldwide for offering all four international bachelor’s degree programs. BBIS has excellent dormitories to accommodate international students.

BBIS’s modern facilities include 4 large red brick buildings, a pavilion, an artificial turf area, a gym, a gym and a sports field. BBIS has excellent dormitories to accommodate international students. BBIS’s modern facilities include 4 large red brick buildings, a pavilion, an artificial turf area, a gym, a gym and a sports field.

6. Platanus School Berlin

PSB is an international bilingual school in Berlin that offers both English and German for children aged 3 to 16. The school consists of three campuses located throughout Berlin: Platanus School Berlin (6 to 16 years), Platanus I kindergarten (3 to 6 years) and Platanus II kindergarten (3 to 6 years). PSB has high-quality extracurricular activities in sports, dance, music, math / computers, media, crafts, handicrafts and more.

7. Berlin Bilingual School

Berlin Bilingual International School welcomes students aged 6 to 18 who offer the UK National Curriculum and the Berliner Rahmenlehrplan (Berlin Curriculum). The school is designed for parents who want their children to be taught in German or English, but there are Spanish and French. The school is located on two campuses: secondary (12 to 18 years) and primary (6 to 12 years).

8. Bilingual school Phorms Berlin-Süd

Bilingual school Phorms Berlin-Süd offers a bilingual international school for the study of German and English. The school is located in the center of Berlin directly opposite the Gartenplatz in the green area. The school offers wonderful extracurricular activities such as drumming, football, chess, art, choir or basketball. Other classes that require prior booking are yoga, dance, ballet, sailing, aikido, instrumental lessons, etc. The school accepts students between the ages of 1 and 18.

9. Berlin Metropolitan School

Berlin Metropolitan School is the oldest school for international students in central Berlin.

BMS is a day school for ages 3 to 18 in Berlin. The language of instruction is English, but there are other language classes – Spanish and French. The BMS offers external GCSE and IB assessments and excellent extracurricular activities such as dance, arts, crafts, choir, technology, science and more from 102 after-school programs.

10. Nelson Mandela School

Nelson Mandela School it is an international bilingual public (state-funded) school that accepts students (ages 6 to 18).

The school operates under the German language and IB program. The school is located in three locations; middle campus for ages 12 to 18, primary campus (ages 6 to 12) and expansion campus (ages 6 to 18). The language of instruction is German and English. The main extracurricular activities covered are gymnastics, athletics, swimming, badminton, basketball, football, volleyball and others.

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