Tory leadership election: full results after round five | Conservatives


    About the contest

    The new Prime Minister of Great Britain will be announced by September 5, after members of the Conservative Party vote on two candidates chosen by the Conservative Party MPs.

    Candidates initially needed the support of 20 MPs to even take part in the vote, a threshold three leadership contenders – Sajid Javid, Grant Shapps and Rehman Chishti – failed to meet. In the first vote, for which a candidate needed the support of at least 30 MPs, Jeremy Hunt and Nadhim Zahavi were eliminated.

    The candidates are whittled down through a series of voting rounds in which the last-place candidate is eliminated until there are only two left to face the members.

    If one of the two final candidates drops out, the other will become leader without a membership ballot, but the candidates have been asked to give assurances that they will not do so.

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