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TV Tonight: Trolls, debt and sexism – a typical day at Ackley Bridge | Television


Ackley Bridge

22:00, Channel 4

“Stupid lefties don’t wash here; you are not in London now.’ These are the comments new teacher Asma faces from her colleagues in the fifth season of this topical school drama set in Yorkshire. Ashley Walters Boys Top directs the first two series (the full season airs this week, with a double bill each night) as the teachers, pupils and parents of Ackley Bridge tackle issues such as internet trolling, debt and sexism – all lighthearted stuff. Holly Richardson

Dirty business

8pm, BBC Three

After being jailed, West Midlands friends Cam and Ollie set up a successful waste disposal business. It’s a strange choice of subject for a documentary – why not focus on the garbage collectors who have not benefited financially from working through the pandemic? – but we see the history of their business relations. HR

Reference: Unheard tapes

9pm, BBC Two

In the latest episode of this gripping series, experts recall the sense of hopelessness they felt trying to find an effective drug as the death toll soared. At the center of this are the voices of John, Jeremy and Tony that we heard on the tape. They speak frankly and often with humor about the prospect of both dying and continuing to live. HR

World Saviors … Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth in Westworld. Photo: John Johnson/HBO

Western world

9pm, Sky Atlantic

Bernard (Geoffrey Wright) returns from Ascension with the gift of prophecy and one goal: “Save the world.” But when Stubbs’ (Luke Hemsworth) chain narrowly dodges deadly lasers, Maeve (Tandiv Newton) and Caleb (Aaron Paul) find themselves at the center of the carnage when the Man in Black returns. Daniel De Wolfe

Invisible Pilot

9pm, Sky Documentaries

Gary Betzner was a crop duster pilot who suffered 11 crashes. He was also seemingly a happy husband and father. Then, in 1977, he jumped to his death from a bridge. Or he? This three-part documentary, which grows wilder with each additional detail, tells an unlikely tale of identity-switching, drugs and political scandal. Phil Harrison

Big Zuu’s Big Eats

10:00 p.m., Dave

Kathryn Ryan guest stars as a super-emoji artist and chef. He fries her up with chips, rebuilds a Canadian pie, and puts a side of buffalo chicken on top of a clam juice-drenched Bloody Mary. “I’m not going to lie, it sounds like super butter,” the chef complains before drinking it anyway. Alexi Duggins

Choice of movie

Alan Tudyk, Heath Ledger and Mark Addy in A Knight's Tale.
Another movie? Alan Tudyk, Heath Ledger and Mark Addy in A Knight’s Tale. Photo: Columbia/Allstar

A Knight’s Tale (Brian Helgeland, 2001), 6.20pm, film 4
Brian Helgeland’s comic medieval adventure is great fun starring Heath Ledger. Ledger plays William, a squire who learns jousting and, posing as a knight, becomes a sporting hero – while attracting the attention of the noble Jocelyn (Shaneen Sassamon). Paul Bettany stars as Geoffrey “Jeff” Chaucer in a film that nods to the poet’s work while reveling in its anachronisms – a highlight being a formal dance in the style of David Bowie’s Golden Years. Simon Wardell

Live sports

Women’s Euro 2022: England – Norway 7.35pm, BBC One. Leah Williamson leads England in the second game at Falmer Stadium in Brighton.

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