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UC financial aid to pay tuition for Indians

UC financial aid to pay tuition for Indians

Many Native American students will receive free tuition at the University of California beginning in the fall semester.

In a letter to UC Chancellor, President Michael W. Drake said tuition would be covered for all California residents from federally recognized Native American tribes, Native Americans and Alaska Natives through existing state and university financial aid programs. Scholarships for residents of non-federally recognized state tribes may be available through other organizations.

“The University of California is committed to acknowledging and acknowledging the historical grievances suffered by Native Americans,” Drake wrote. “I am proud of the efforts the University has made to support the Native American community, including creating an opportunity plan for UC Indians, and appreciate our conversations about all the ways we can better support Native American students.”

The UC President’s Advisory Board of Indians, made up of California tribal leaders, faculty and experts, responded to the plan.

Training at UC is approximately $ 13,100 for California residents.

About 1.6% of Californians identify themselves as Native Americans or Alaska Natives, according to the U.S. Census.

The UC estimates there are 500 undergraduate and 160 graduate students who are California residents and members of federally recognized tribes.

To test those eligible for the program that do not have an expected graduation date, UC will ask new and long-term students to submit “tribal enrollment documents” from their federal-recognized tribe or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Documentation may include a certificate of enrollment in the tribe on the tribal form; enrollment or membership card containing the tribal seal or official signature of the tribal leader; a certificate of the degree of Indian blood, if it includes information about enrollment in the tribe; or a tribal identity card with a registration number.

Eligible students will also be able to send contact information about the number of tribes, such as address, phone number or email address.

“I hope this new program will benefit our students and continue to position the University of California as an educational institution for Native American students,” Drake wrote.

There are more than 100 federally recognized tribes in California. There are also dozens of non-federally recognized tribes. Federal Indians of Graton Rancharia announced Wednesday that it will provide the UC Scholarship Fund of $ 2.5 million to cover tuition and mandatory fees for UC students not recognized by the federation, and to provide additional support for those from federally recognized tribes.

“In the spirit of our ancestors, we strive to care for the environment and our people. Inclusion is our responsibility, and we are excited to expand fellowships for California Native Americans from non-federally recognized tribes, ”said FIGR Tribal Chairman Greg Saris in a statement.

In 2021, UC Berkeley removed the name a former professor from one of his buildings because his namesake was an anthropologist whose work included an “immoral and unethical” collection of Indian remains.

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