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UConn and Anglo are partners in master’s programs

UConn and Anglo are partners in master's programs

Two master’s programs at UConn School of Engineering will allow students from anywhere in the world to attend online UConn faculty classes. Students will also have the opportunity to receive a six-month paid internship at a London company for a loan that partners say will develop their practical and professional skills.

“This is an extremely valuable option for the MEng program, which is completely online,” said Yuhang Rong, UConn’s vice vice president for international affairs.

“It gives students an experience in a dynamic global environment. Through long-term partner UConn Anglo Educational Services in London and possibly other partners in the UK, we will create a portfolio of British engineering firms where our students will be able to practice their knowledge and potentially become long-term participants in their profession. ”

“Paid internships will definitely increase equal access to the program”

Two one-year programs, beginning in the fall of 2022, are conducted in data science and advanced systems engineering.

“Conducting paid internships will definitely increase the equal availability of the program for a wider range of students,” Rong added.

London-based AES CEO Steve Lowe noted that the UK capital is “a great landscape for learning as well as for technology”.

“It’s an opportunity for us to work with our partners at UConn Engineering to develop something really cool to allow students to gain a full immersion in their learning and work experience,” Lowe said.

“It was my dream, and it’s great that we were able to do it together.”

“It will be a tremendous experience for students in this new program to immerse themselves in an evolving career, while experiencing one of the greatest cities in the world,” added Kyleen Peres, assistant dean of UConn Engineering.

“Our engineering programs are world-class, and we’re excited to be able to spread that opportunity to the rest of the world.”

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