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Unibuddy is collaborating with Study in the US

Unibuddy partners with Study in the USA

Unibuddy and Study in the US will launch an online platform that will cover international students studying abroad.

The Unibuddy and Study in the USA platform is expected to give international students the confidence they need to study abroad, as well as provide the necessary reassurance and confidence to prospective students.

Unibuddy is the brainchild of Diego Fanari, a foreign student from Switzerland who is struggling to find the right university for himself.

According to Study in the USA, they have supported international students coming to the country over the past 40 years, and have attended more than 7.9 million visits per year.

Unibuddy wants to improve student choice and travel for the United States

Unibuddy, which has more than 300 global partners in higher education, has developed a platform to support international students in deciding where to study, and to help colleges across the U.S. increase their income and pique student interest.

Commenting on the collaboration, Diego Fanara, CEO of Unibuddy, said: “We have joined forces to create a stronger and more sustainable higher education community.

“Unibuddy on Study USA will help universities optimize their digital channels, reach out to students and provide them with the information they need along the way.”

Studying in the US has supported international students for 40 years

In an interview with the Global Education Times, Renite Stevens, CEO of Study in the US, said: “Our new platform allows prospective students from around the world to communicate directly with current international students who are on campus in the US. This allows them to hear first hand what the experience really is, and gain the confidence needed to study abroad.

“Due to all the problems in the world now, international students rightly have a lot of worries and issues. Current students have good opportunities to address many of them, so we hope that our new platform in partnership with Unibuddy can bring students together to support each other. ”

Earlier this year, Unibuddy has signed a partnership with Uni Direct to improve the student experience by focusing on embedding peer conversations in the student’s journey.

Emaido Affia is a reporter from Nigeria’s Global Education Times that covers stories from North America, MENA and Africa for publication. Emaido is an experienced journalist and also a lifestyle blogger in her spare time.

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