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University of Birmingham selected as a partner partner for the newly established National Institute of Education – FE News


The University of Birmingham and its School of Education have been selected as one of fourteen specialist partners for the newly established National Institute of Learning (NIoT).

The NIoT, announced this week by the Department of Education, will run the School-Led Development Trust (SLDT), a charity founded by four of England’s leading school trusts. It will develop the development of teachers and leaders across the country, using its own cutting-edge research in best practice to inform the development and implementation of its high-quality professional development programs.

The NIoT, which opens in September and will be the first of its kind in England:

  • Really a school organization. NIoT will run schools for schools. Program participants will gain school experience in designing and conducting programs that benefit from current practitioners — teachers, senior executives, supervisors, and executive executives — who understand the demands of the teaching load.
  • A best practice incubator that will find, interpret, generate and transfer research using information to design and implement professional development programs.
  • Significant investment in the study of teachers and leaders in England. NIoT will make its research available free of charge to all teacher training providers so that it can be used to improve teacher development across the country.
  • An impact-oriented organization. Its unique position gives the NIoT the opportunity to link data on teacher and leader development with data sets on student achievement, allowing us to see what really influences children’s performance. This is something that is not done anywhere in the world outside of North America.
  • Once the credentials are awarded, it will become the only university in the UK to focus exclusively on the development of teachers and school leaders, combining academic awards with excellent practice in schools.

The NIoT will help raise standards in the English education system for the benefit of teachers and leaders across the country – and thus for children and young people. Training will be conducted at four regional campuses. Each will support one of the four Trusts in the SLDT – the Harris Federation, the Outwood Grange Trust, Oasis Community Learning and Star Academies.

The University of Birmingham as a specialist partner offers NIOT:

  1. Expert support for the development of educational strategies, as well as the quality control systems and processes that support it.
  2. Enrich the development of knowledge-rich curricula and cross-curricular IoT expertise.
  3. Expert support in the development and application of new research, including the use of teaching science in teacher development, and the translation of lessons from our research to provide IoT education.
  4. Expert support and contribution to IoT leadership development programs, including the transition from education to broader areas, through our Academy of Education Leaders and the Birmingham Institute for Leadership.
  5. Expert support from our world-leading center of character and values ​​in Jubilee Education.
  6. Master classes and short courses for teacher educators are led by world-class professionals from across the university.
  7. “Virtuoso” lectures and workshops for students that offer the highest level of academic teaching experience from world-class professionals from across the university.
  8. Collaboration with the University of Birmingham School, our exemplary school of characters.
  9. Access to a world-class research library for IoT faculty and students.

Professor Richard Black, professional vice chancellor and head of the College of Social Sciences, said:

“The school of education has impeccable experience in training and supporting future school leaders in developing capacity for leadership and expert practice in schools. Becoming a specialist partner of the National Pedagogical Institute will enhance our experience as educators, inspiring the next generation of school leaders to provide all children with the quality education they need and deserve to equip them for the modern world. ”

Nadhim Zahavi, Secretary of State for Education, said:

“Children’s teachers are a critical factor in the quality of their education, and my mission is to make every child in this country, wherever they live, taught by a great teacher. Excellent teachers need excellent training, which is why our first-ever National Pedagogical Institute will be so important. The institute is revolutionizing the way teachers and school leaders are trained in this country, with cutting-edge research along with the training of national experts, and I am delighted that the School Led Development Trust will oversee this exciting new project. ”

Melanie Renouden, chief executive of the National Institute of Education, said:

“The National Institute of Teaching has a unique position to build a bridge between facts and educational practice. As a school-led consortium, we are fully equipped to translate evidence of best practice into action that can be implemented in schools across the country. It’s not just that we know schools and work well with schools. Our trusts and our partners provide cutting-edge education in classrooms across England, often in communities where the toughest deals are made, where our work has the potential to make the most difference. We will explore what works, codify what we learn, and share it in the school system. We look forward to the National Pedagogical Institute playing a central role in nurturing the talents of teachers and leaders at all stages of their careers so that they can provide children and young people with the world-class education they deserve. ”

Educational school was = 3etc. in the recent REF – 52and in the world ranking of QS 2022 and ranks 11thth in the UK to meet students in the University’s Full Guide for June 2021

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