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University of California sues YouTubers for allegedly filming destructive pranks | California


A couple of YouTubers are awaiting trial and a ban on the ban after they allegedly removed it as they disrupted classes at Southern University California campus in Los Angeles and uploading footage of staged pranks online.

The University of Southern California has sued Ernest Kanevsky and Yugo Bay over incidents USC Annenberg Media reported last week. The judge banned and forbade Kanevsky and Bay, who are not USC students, from visiting the campus after university lawyers said the pranks terrorized “students to the point that they ran out of lecture halls for fear of their lives.”

The Guardian contacted Kanevsky and Baye for comment on the lawsuit.

The couple has taken three USC classes since last year Daily Trojan reportedly the last time was in March, when they disrupted a lecture on the Holocaust. Kanevsky was reportedly dressed as a member of the “Russian mafia”, and Bai pretended to be Hugo Boss, a designer who made uniforms for the Nazis. The students panicked and ran away from the classroom.

“I was at the door and started running out,” said one student USC Annenberg Media. “Everyone just left in a big panic.”

The couple was detained by the university’s public security department. After this incident, there was a sharp drop in class attendance, the university said in court documents.

“Simply put, there is no public benefit in terrorizing students to such an extent that they run out of lecture halls, fearing for their lives by committing pranks, seizing classes, to gather a few likes on YouTube,” USC lawyers said. in court materials, according to c Daily Los Angeles News.

In other cases, Kanevsky and Bai escorted the professor out of class and disguised themselves as characters from the Netflix show “Squid Game.”

The USC requested an interim injunction, which the judge granted, and sought compensation for attorneys and other costs associated with the lawsuit. The university said the couple “caused extreme fear and anxiety, causing students“ emotional frustration and genuine fear for their personal well-being ”; against the national background of active shooters on college campuses. ”

Eric Kanevsky has more than 100,000 subscribers YouTube and regularly publishes videos of pranks that have garnered more than 8 million views. Videos of the incidents at USC appear to have been removed, but other videos show Kanevsky arranging similar pranks on other campuses in Southern California colleges, including the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of California, Long Beach.

In a video uploaded in March 2021, Kanevsky, dressed as a “Russian thug,” poses as a professor in a CSU class in Long Beach. He takes what appears to be alcohol before reconsidering class rules and expectations, and lights a cigarette, but is eventually hindered by university officials. University said at the time considering the lawsuit against Kanevsky.

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