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US Group donates books to Ilocos Norte State University, Philippines: PNA


The San Diego County Lions Club (SDC-MLC) in San Diego, California, donated a total of 364 books of various titles to Marian Marcos State University (MMSU) on Monday for use by its students and the Department of Education (DepEd).

The books were obtained by the University Library System (ULS) through a parcel sent by Leo and Norma Sikat, President and Lion Tamer SDC-MLC respectively.

The package consisted of five titles on geometry, algebras 1 and 2, milestones, workbook, teacher education stage, high expectations, George Washington, “The Tale of Two Cities”, Eleanor Roosevelt, “Meeting aboard HMS Bounty”, “Three Musketeers” , “The Prince” and the Beggar, Clara Barton and the Man in the Iron Mask.

MMSU President Shirley S. Agroup said that although the university has taken care of the hardcover donations, it will also transfer some of them to the DepEd-Division department in Batak.

MMSU-ULS Director Eliza Vilarin said some of the books will be distributed to MMSU’s main library and its satellite libraries in the city of Laag, various high school campus libraries and college reading centers.

Vilarin said organizations and agencies that donate books to the university are considered members of libraries because they help the university strengthen its collection of information resources for students.

The donation of the book was the result of a collaboration between MMSU and SDC-MLC in July 2019 as part of a signed memorandum of understanding that stipulates that SDC-MLC will help increase the university’s learning resources and support its internationalization programs.

MSSU and SDC-MLC also agreed to conduct humanitarian medical, dental and optical missions in various localities, as well as increase the competencies of teachers and staff of MSU to expand services.

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