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US wealth management firm CI Financial leads Q2 earnings


Let it be adding on or promotionCI Financial’s still-young business in the state continues to be a point of pride for executives at the Toronto-based firm as challenging market conditions rear their head on quarterly earnings.

“Our wealth management expansion in the United States and Canada has added stability and diversification to our business, and our US operations are increasingly contributing to revenue and earnings,” said CI Financial CEO Curt McAlpine. Earnings and earnings report for the second quarter released on Thursday.

“Despite continued volatility in the capital markets, we achieved year-over-year growth in total EBITDA, earnings per share and free cash flow per share.”

Scroll down to see the top wealth management takeaways from CI Financial’s Q2 earnings report.

Note: CI Financial discloses its quarterly returns in Canadian dollars. Unless otherwise noted, all figures are in Canadian dollars, not US dollars.

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