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Wales: Taith’s successful projects confirmed


A £65m programme, announced in March 2021 and later rebranded Taith, funds both inbound and outbound mobility. The first category of funding will focus on short-term and long-term projects that provide physical, virtual and mixed internal and external mobility.

The second competition for financing joint projects with international organizations will begin in October 2022.

“This pathway, which is its bread and butter, gets most of the funding, and that’s student and staff mobility,” Susana Galván, Executive Director Tatetold The PIE.

The number of successful applications will be released shortly, but the organization received a total of 71 applications.

“I can tell you that the number of applications has been good in all sectors and [we’re] very excited.

“It’s been really positive and the success rate has been high for each of the sectors.”

Taith, which is run as an independent subsidiary of Cardiff University and funded by the Welsh Government, is different from Erasmus and Turing, Galvan noted. Along with higher education, VET and schools, it also includes funding for the voluntary youth sector and the adult education sector for projects around the world.

In general, power hopes to have 15,000 participants from Wales join the programs and 10,000 participants in Wales by the end of August 2026.

It also aims to create 50 multi-year partnerships by August 2024, at which point the government wants 40 countries to participate.

Unlike the UK-wide Turing Programme, organizations can apply for funding for both outbound mobility from Wales to anywhere in the world and inward mobility to Wales. Taith translates to journey in Welsh.

“For every 100 mobilities they apply for, they can apply for 30 mobilities to Wales on top of that,” she explained.

Global Opportunities Manager Cardiff Metropolitan University Rowena Kiger noted that the institution secured funding.

Funding applications include support for incoming staff and students, as well as for outbound students on school trips aimed at increasing student engagement.

“[We] we look forward to seeing you [incoming staff and students] from global partners,” she told The PIE.

“The addition of Taith is a great opportunity”

“We are also looking at … sending long-term study students around the world, as well as virtual mobility for incoming and outgoing students who are unable to travel,” she added.

Press secretary from Bangor University said the university was “delighted to receive the funding to support our ability to provide global mobility opportunities to our current and future students.”

“The University is currently in the final year of Erasmus funding and the second year of the Turing Programme, so the addition of Tate is a wonderful opportunity.

“This will help students from all areas of the institution on both short-term field trips and long-term mobility sessions.”

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