Home Education WATCH LIVE: Astronomers unveil “breakthrough” findings on Milky Way

WATCH LIVE: Astronomers unveil “breakthrough” findings on Milky Way

WATCH LIVE: Astronomers unveil

An international network of researchers who first photographed the black hole says another big report about our own galaxy is coming out on Thursday. The Event Horizon Telescope and the European Southern Observatory have published the “breakthrough results of the Milky Way”, which scientists will show at a press conference in Garching, Germany.

The press conference is expected to begin on Thursday, May 12, at 9:00 Moscow time. Watch live in our player above.

Creating the first image in 2019 was a historical achievement which depicts a black hole from a neighboring galaxy. The Event Horizon telescope, which consists of eight radio telescope observatories around the world, also captured data from Sagittarius A *, a supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, but at the time of release in 2019 the team was still processing this information. Organizers do not say whether the new findings are related to Sagittarius A *.

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