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We believe in the youth, we believe in another Europe – POLITICO


In which Europe will the next generation of Europeans live? Will they live in a prosperous, open and friendly Union with opportunities for all? Or will they be limited by a Europe divided by walls, limitations and differences?

The future of Europe will be in the hands of the next generation of Europeans, but now this generation is facing enormous uncertainty.

We, the European Socialists and Democrats, want the European Union to give young people a clearer and brighter future by contributing to:

1 Jobs and learning opportunities for young people.

HOW? Extending the Youth Guarantee, a European program that guarantees young people relevant work, training, internships or the opportunity to continue their education for four months after completing compulsory or previous work. We want to make the program permanent, increase its funding from 6 billion euros to 20 billion and raise the age limit to 30 years.

2 More international exchange programs for young Europeans.

WHY? Because Europe is changing. More and more young people are studying in different countries and are graduating with more knowledge, experience, discovering their potential. The Erasmus + program helped a lot. We now want to extend the Erasmus + international exchange program to secondary schools and vocational training.

3 Culture is available to everyone.

WHERE? Across Europe, young people need support to create and access culture. We will meet Checks of European culture that will provide youth free access to cultural events and venues and will support young artists in their creative process. We all need access to culture because art can change people for the better.

4 Good childcare for all Europeans.

WHEN? Right now, because children are our future and the most fragile members of our society. The current economic crisis threatens some of the basic needs of every child in the EU. We support the Child Guarantee initiative and want European and national policies to meet these needs of all children in access to free health examinations, an accessible place in quality childcare and healthy eating at school.

These are the 4 pillars of our EUROPEAN YOUTH PLAN. Let’s do it together.

Sergey Stanishev,

President of the Party of European Socialists


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