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Weekend Favs – Screen Leap, UX Writing Style Guide, Spoke App


My weekend blog post routine involves posting links to a few tools or great content I come across during the week.

I won’t go into the deep findings, but I encourage you to check them out if they seem interesting. The photo in the post is a favorite of the week from an online source or one I took on the road there.

  • Screen jump – The next level of your website. Screen Leap is a live interaction tool that allows you to share your screen or post live videos to your website. What’s great about Screen Leap is that you don’t need any coding knowledge to work with the product; just copy and paste the pre-written code.
  • UX Writing Style Guide – Studies show that people behave differently when reading online and in print. So Nielson Norman Group created this guide to help you write and structure your content for your online audience.
  • He spoke – The only online dating assistant you’ll ever need. Spoke takes all the notes and remembers your meetings so you can focus on being present. There is also a free version.

This is my favorite weekend; I’d love to hear about some of yours – tweet me @ducttape

If you want to check out more weekend favorites, you can find them here.

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