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Weekly magazine “Green Line”! July 24, 2022


The NASDAQ 100 fund (QQQ) has seen a decline since December.

24.07.2022 Markets were higher for the week as the weaker “expensive stocks” of last year finally broke out of the bottom. FEAR disappeared as some yields turned out to be better than expected and long-term interest rates fell. So the indices are back up near the green line (as always).

The Fed is likely to raise short-term interest rates by 3/4 of a point on July 27, and many expect more tightening to come. But Fed tightening and a slower economy have already led to that Goods to drop 17% from highs and in the long run Interest rates descend. Weaker commodities such as steel, copper, aluminum, silver and lumber are now in bear markets (downtrends).

Eventually the Fed will realize that they tightened a year too late and probably tightened too much. Once the market and investors realize that the July 27 Fed hike may be the last, we may see a stronger rally in the markets (backing up near the green lines).

But for the markets to return to the January highs, we will likely need another “sugar high” of printing from the FED. It’s entirely possible that the Fed could reverse course and start printing again before the November election…

The the strongest leaders now back to green zones for weekly buy signals below. Big market sell-offs like ours help us identify which investments are the strongest (still above the green lines). Leading energy, commodity and chemical stocks should be able to retest recent highs.

If you continue to follow the Green Line system, your money should flow into the strongest areas and your account value should grow in both bull and bear markets.

More action this week on Day trading scroll charts.


We didn’t have many intraday ones Trade notice signals recently as volume was too low with buy signals. These low buy signals usually pop up and disappear quickly. We like to see high volume on rallies.

For the week, the Dow is up 2.05%, the S&P 500 is up 2.59% and the NASDAQ 100 is up 3.47%. Major stock indices are currently below the green lines (AVOID and own stronger investments here).

The Inflation index (CRB) increased by 1.27% for the week and is above the green line, which indicates economic expansion.

Bonds are up 2.08% for the week and are well below the green line, indicating economic expansion.

The US DOLLAR is down 1.20% for the week and is well above the green line.

Crude oil down 2.96% for the week to $94.70 and GOLD rose 1.40% to $1,727.40.




We currently in 7 entered Current positions for the short and medium term. There are 6 short-term investments Watch list.

Be patient and WAIT for Green Zone buy signals!


LONG-TERM INVESTMENTS (It’s hard to find many long-term ones now because most conventional investments no longer require an 80-RP.)

Long-term scrolling charts (real-time)

CVS CVS HEALTH CORP. Buy above $96.57 on high volume with a 3% stop loss to sell below.

DBC COMMODITY FUND Wait for the next weekly Money Wave buy signal with high volume.

GOOGLE GOLDEN OCEAN GROUP Buy above $11.20 on high volume with a 5% stop loss to sell below it.

MOS MOSIAC CO. Buy above the red line with high volume with a 5% Trailing Sell Stop Loss below it.

NUE NUCOR CORP. (steel) Jumped 10% above the red line (50 day average) with average volume.

PBR PETROBRAS ENERGY Buy when it closes above $12.21 on high volume.

XLE ENERGY FUND Buy above $73.35 on high volume with a 5% stop loss to sell below it.

XOP OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION FUND Buy when it closes above $127.95 on high volume.


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Top 100 list updated on July 1, 2022
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Warning! Market Risk Medium (YELLOW). The probability of successful short trades is higher when the % of the stock is above the 50 day moving average. below 20.

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QUESTION: Jose M writes: ‚ÄúThis morning I seem to be having difficulty finding the money wave chart on the ETF. Thank you.”

ANSWER: First go to MY TRADING PANEL. The money wave charts can then be pulled up by clicking on the investment symbol on Watch list or Current positions links in each daily email.

The Money wave are the red and green areas at the bottom of the chart. Buy when the money wave dips into the Green Zone and then rises above 20.

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