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Wellspring works with a provider on a closed recruitment cycle


Graduates of the Australian-based global freshman certificate will gain access to the network of American Wellspring universities, the company said.

The closed-ended ISP recruitment system creates a “global pool of qualified, ready-to-enter students” who have already completed a certificate program at the online institution Arden University.

Successful graduates of the program can then enroll in one of the 150 universities around the world participating in the closed-loop program.

The exclusive Closed Loop USA program will be built and operated by Wellspring and will initially include 25 institutions.

The closed-loop recruitment process “enables students from around the world to access our growing network of university partners without leaving home for the first year,” said Greg Schreider, CEO. Wellspring Internationalnoted.

“Once they receive their certificates, they can choose from our current list of partner universities in the United States and go to a U.S. university to complete their bachelor’s degree.”

The program means that transfer students from both developed and developing countries will “have better access to world-class education that our member schools can provide,” the companies said. Member schools will benefit from “a much more diverse and interesting pool of students with international transfers”.

“We wanted a partner who would be strategically knowledgeable and knowledgeable”

The network will initially include 25 U.S. institutions, but it will continue to grow until it includes 60 U.S. schools, Schreider added.

“Wellspring has identified four key criteria that we have assessed for our US partner,” Mark Skinner, ISP Eduworld‘s co – founder, director and chairman, explained.

“We wanted a partner who would be strategically savvy and knowledgeable; structured with experienced and quality people; respected partner universities; and is known for its duration of successful operational provision of educational employment services.

“Wellspring stood out in all of these aspects, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our relationship to develop and expand the closed-loop hire in the United States.”

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