Home Education Western Australia is unveiling a $ 41.2 million package for international education

Western Australia is unveiling a $ 41.2 million package for international education

Western Australia is unveiling a $ 41.2 million package for international education

For four years, $ 4 million has been allocated for the WA Prime Minister’s Education Certificate and $ 2 million for the University’s Prime Minister’s Scholarship – both new scholarship programs.

The $ 10 million stimulus package will aim to raise awareness of the state’s international education sector through international educational agents who enroll international students in WA institutions.

The $ 1 million familiarization program will also allow key offshore stakeholders to visit and experience Western Australia.

“International education is an important economic sector for Western Australia, and the McGowan government is firmly committed to supporting the industry as it continues to re-establish ties with international partners,” said WA Secretary of International Education David Templeman.

“Over the past few months, we have consulted extensively with the international education sector and based this package on their input.”

StudyPerth described the news as a “big win” for the state’s international education sector.

Other initiatives include $ 6.8 million to continue ELICOS scholarships and housing grants for international students to attract international students to WA, an increase of $ 4.5 million for StudyPerth to ensure students are welcomed and supported in the state, and $ 3 million dollars for WA technical and technical training. A consortium of vocational education and training to support the development of offshore opportunities and the creation of a student channel.

Earlier in 2022, StudyPerth restored it Hello at the airport for six weeks as he prepared to return students to the state. He also discovered Fr. Student Center which is designed to enhance the experience of international students.

“Over the past few months, we have consulted widely with the international education sector”

A total of $ 8 million over four years will allow ground and offshore personnel to implement new initiatives, and $ 1.5 million has been allocated to “expand the global international marketing campaign in education”.

In addition, $ 400,000 will create a school support program to “encourage international students studying in the school sector to continue their student journey to an education provider with WA”.

“The goal is to build a pipeline for prospective foreign students on land, re-engage the network of international educational agents and provide financial support to the sector to ensure its further growth,” Templeman added.

“This package is based on existing incentives, including The $ 195 million Reconnect WA packageworking to enhance international education in Western Australia ”.

The Reconnect WA package provided an $ 65 million aviation fund to restore routes to flights that were disrupted by the pandemic, in addition to targeting new routes with Germany, India, China and Vietnam.

A total of $ 65 million has been invested in a marketing campaign to promote the state as a safe and full of opportunities, in addition to additional incentives for students. The first 5,000 students who chose the state as their place to study were awarded up to $ 1,500 as living allowance.

“Our commitment to this important sector is part of the McGowan government’s diversification plans to further strengthen the WA economy in the long run,” Templeman continued.

The Prime Minister’s University Scholarships provide funding of $ 50,000 for 10 one-year scholarships designed for “international students with high performance” for five state universities.

As part of the WA Educational Scholarship Certificate, 50 offshore WACE graduates from WA’s international partner schools will receive $ 20,000 per year.

Templeman will also join Deputy Prime Minister Roger Cook state government mission to India in July. The multisectoral mission aims to “open up opportunities” for Western Australian business in the Indian market, increase the link between Western Australia and India and promote Western Australia as a place for tourists, students, talent, activities, business and investment.

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