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What colleges and faculty need from Ed-Tech companies: A key podcast


The last two years have disrupted many aspects of higher education, and the market for educational technology – and the relationship between colleges and companies – is no exception.

This week’s episode from the key Inside the top editionThe News and Analysis Podcast explores how well many hundreds of R&D companies working with colleges, faculty, and students actually meet the needs of institutions and their people, where they are inadequate, and how they can do better.

The discussion involves two guests sitting at a crossroads where technology meets teaching and learning. Kara Monroe is the founder of Monarch Strategies, a consulting firm she founded earlier this year after 25 years as an academic administrator at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. Kelvin Bentley is a senior consultant at WGU Labs, where he works with companies that want to help colleges and universities educate students on a large scale. For more than 25 years, he has worked with a number of public two- and four-year colleges and several technology companies.

Listen to the new episode hereand learn more about The Key here.

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