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What is crypto apex and why is it so addictive?


If you want to know what Crypto Apex is, here is our guide for Crypto Apex, Respawn’s battle royale watch expert, Apex Legends. Discover his skills, tactical, passive and max abilities, as well as his history and place in the Apex universe. But before we get into the main features of this character, let’s see what Apex Legends is and what makes it so exciting and popular.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-style first-person shooter available for download on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for a while and have no idea what Battle Royale is, the premise is pretty simple.

Sixty players take to the battlefield where they must acquire weapons, loot, and ammunition while fighting other players. The ever-tightening ring brings the players closer and closer until only a handful remain and one team emerges victorious.

Apex Legends is set 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2. It takes place in a place called the Outlands, where humans and robots are forced to fight to win the Apex Games. Twenty squads of three players face off in a fierce battle for survival. This battle takes place on several maps – Kings Canyon, Olympus and Worlds Edge.

However, Apex Legends is not Titanfall 3, so don’t expect mech suits, wall running, double jumps or other such mechanics. There is fast-paced gameplay, including the ability to slide across the ground or down a slope. There’s also a brilliant shooter style, but Titanfall fans may be disappointed if they expect more of the franchise from this game.

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Mining and equipment

It’s similar to other Battle Royale games in that there are different levels of loot scattered around the map that you can pick up. Not only weapons, but also armor. They can differ in quality, which is distinguished by colors – gray, blue, purple and gold.

The usual armor style is there with helmets and the like for collectibles, but there’s also a shield mechanic and the ability to recharge your shield and your health by finding boosts as you play.

Killing other players gives you access to their gear. Downed players drop loot boxes. These crates are also highlighted in different colors to identify which players have the most valuable equipment and what should be looted first.

Players highlight items and enemies of their team thanks to the “ping” system. This lets the team know important things around and is a great option if you don’t have or don’t want to use a microphone. Audible and visual cues make it easy to attract the attention of friends. They also serve to keep the team playing together.

Another interesting feature of Apex Legends is the easy way to loot. When you change your weapon, all your attachments will be automatically transferred to the new weapon. This saves you the hassle and time associated with manual settings.

This champion’s image is displayed on giant screens throughout the game world as a constant reminder of his value to other players.

Levels and experience

Playing and winning matches earns you experience points. These points will eventually level you up. Every time you level up, you’ll also receive rewards like Apex and Legend packs Tokens.

The number of game levels is limited to 500, but once you reach the level cap, you can still earn Legend Tokens.

Crypto Apex Role and Skills

Crypto top
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Crypto Apex is one of the most famous characters in the game. Its main features are:

  • How old is crypto apex: 22 years
  • Tactical Ability: Crypto Surveillance Drone
  • Passive Ability: Neurolink
  • Ultimate Ability: Drone EMP

Crypto has drones capable of tracking opponents from a distance. He has a passive power in the form of Neurolink. It sends information from the battlefield to your teammates to help you gain an advantage.

History of Crypto Apex

Crypto Apex is a secret specialist. He knows how to detect and protect them. A brilliant hacker and encryption expert, he uses his drones to spy on opponents in the Apex Arena without being detected. The design of his drones is strangely close to those created by Tae Joon Park, the killer on the loose.

Orphans raised on the streets of Swatham, Tae Joon and his adopted sister Mila Alexander escape poverty by studying computer science and designing drones that broadcast the Apex Games across the Savage Lands.

However, one day Tae-joon leaves, taking an important industrial secret with him, and his sister disappears under circumstances as mysterious as they are cruel. Crypto Apex has denied having any contact with Tae-Joon, and the matter remains unresolved to this day.

Crypto’s reasons for joining Apex Games are as obscure as his profile is atypical. Recent interviews suggest that he is seeking justice, but nothing else is known.

How to play Crypto Apex?

Unlike Bangalore or Mirage, Crypto Apex will essentially provide support. Therefore, there will be no question of rushing towards the enemy, at the risk of quickly regretting it.

Your drone will be your primary weapon and using it wisely will be important. Your drone will allow you to provide essential items for your allies and allow you to play in vicious mode:

Give Your Enemies’ Position: Although your drone is quickly destroyed as enemies can see it, your surveillance drone will keep you informed of your enemies’ positions. Like Bloodhound, use Crypto Apex as a scout to safely enter the building.

Revive allies or revive flags: Use the drone to bring back allies’ flags when they’ve been killed, or try to revive them.

To be honest, it often happens that this action ends up destroying your drone, enemies often stay close to the scene of the crime.

Tip: Wait a bit before launching the drone towards your ally so that your enemies at least have time to move away.

You are playing against the opposing team: If you feel that the opposing team is focusing heavily on your drone, feel free to draw them in the right direction to catch them off guard.

Use the ultimate attack right before the final fight: Do you feel like your enemies are starting to get the upper hand? Use your ultimate, then gang up on your allies for a killing blow. This ultimate attack deals shield damage, giving you a slight advantage in combat.

In short, you’ll need to think carefully before sending a drone to spy on your enemies, or you risk losing it quickly and no longer having access to your abilities while they’re connected to your drone.

Crypto Apex
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Crypto Apex – Key Results

Crypto Apex is a master of enemy detection. Armed with his drone, Crypto specializes in secrets. It is able to cover large areas and collect important information. He is a legend, very dependent on his team, and we advise against trying to play him alone. Indeed, it requires a lot of coordination with your teammates.

If you like to play aggressively, then Crypto Apex is for you.

  • Although his only offensive skill is an ultimate, the ability to sense enemies is perfect for crowding and eliminating them. However, you will need to be patient in order to use the drone correctly and successfully. A good Crypto Apex knows how to use it perfectly. If you don’t, you run the risk of having a very big impact on the dynamics of your team.
  • Crypto deploys a surveillance drone that he can control to detect traps and enemies up to 30 meters around him. When it detects an opposing player, the drone emits a soft sound. For its part, the observed person also has a visual and sound indication.
  • This drone has a range of up to 200 meters, which allows it to cover a very wide area. Also, it freezes and the screen blurs. To prevent this, Crypto can either flip it or call it back.
  • He has about thirty hit points and can be destroyed by enemies. In case this happens, you must wait 40 seconds before using it again. Therefore, it is very important to deploy it wisely.
  • In addition to detecting enemies, the Crypto drone opens doors and containers, picks up the banners of fallen allies, and tells you how many units are around you when you look at the champions’ banners in pilot mode.
  • When Crypto uses his drone, it is immobile and therefore vulnerable. So before deploying it, find a strategic location where you won’t be easily targeted.
  • If you turn the drone too sharply, it may lose speed.
  • If you recall the drone while still in pilot mode, you will lose precious seconds, slowing down your team. When Crypto is in pilot mode, allies see his drone instead of his head on the player’s banner.
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