Home Education What is the implication that the Spanish warriors are at the university?

What is the implication that the Spanish warriors are at the university?

What is the implication that the Spanish warriors are at the university?

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¿Qué barreras enfrentan los varones hispanos al entrar a la universidad y graduarse?

This is the foregone conclusion of the leaders of the Denver Scholarship Fund the hicieron and the varones hispanos. They are contests with a list that includes a lack of funds, information, support and individual attention, as well as family responsibilities.

Nothing surprising. Without embargo, the leaders of the foundation will pay attention to the feeling of obligation that the students have for their community and family, and that is blocking the individual’s ambition.

“It’s not easy for young Latins,” said Nate Kadena Hefe de Operaciones de la Fundación. “Hay ciertos roles, ciertas expectativas, ciertas normas cultures … que no necesariamente invitan al individualismo, especialmente si eso los aleja de su familia extendida o comunidad. There is a language that is not spoken of in culture – in the community – which does not inevitably lead to individualism or exploration “.

The foundation, which helped the students of the Denver area to visit the university, enviado approximately 82% of their university degrees. For other people, increase the percentages of assistance to the university and the graduation of the Spanish warriors to demonstrate their importance. For example, the percentage of Hispanic women who reciprocated the help and foundation of the university is the double of the varones.

To find more problems, the leaders of the Denver Scholarship Fund Encourage Hispanic men with a variety of experiences on a university topic. The foundation spoke with the people who did not help the university, with the help of the assistant, and with those who graduated.

“They think that it is important to feel that they are talking about individual manners,” said Cadena. But I would like to thank you for what we think and know ”.

Lucha por lograr que los varones hispanos vayan a la universidad es un importante Theme for the city.

Approximately two hundred Spanish-speaking citizens who graduated from a Colorado secondary school at the university. Una vez en la universidad, la mayoría no se gradúa. In the public universities of Colorado with year-round programs, only 41% of Hispanic people graduated. In the most common universities, there are less than one third.

These figures determine the great cracks in Colorado that have a university education and no. Approximately 61% of all Colorado residents have a university degree, and the comparison is alone, which is part of the population of Spain.

Cadena dijo ques es necesario resolver ese problemespecially 1 of every 5 Colorado residents identified as Hispanic.

Cadena agregó que lograr que más varones hispanos vayan a la universidad es un aunto de opportunidad y libertad para ellos individually and para sus familias. This is a cycle of generational cycles. He has studied to demonstrate that people with university education have better access to medical care. Residents who also have a university degree also have a potential for capital and more ability to do what they want in their lives.

“We allow it to be continuous, as we resign in it. We are saying that this is fine “, said Cadena. “It’s unacceptable.”

The foundation found that the students would never go to the university to listen to someone else at the moment who was not able to pay enough for it. Nadie les dijo que un buen desempeño académico les podía ayudar. The information is compiled by the foundation that many of the founding forces think that at the university there is no one who can support them.

Los que nunca terminaron su carrera con frecuencia tomaron solutiones basadas en malos consejos recibidos desde la niñez, según el informe. Some people are still at university universities, there is no need to connect to the university community, and we do not receive information about health services that need to end the career.

The Spanish varones who are graduating from the report have a contact with the family. The decision to continue the university to the weight of the costos, and tuvieron professors of mentors that vieron are potential. These students also supported the benefit of all those who were tempted.

Every day that the founders know that the university has access to a better life.

The queuron at the university talked about expanding the order of collaboration and its prospects. Los nue nunca asistieron a la universidad dijeron que harán lo posible para que sus hijos vayan para así tener más opportunidades. This group predominantly consists of companies with intense work, but it costs a lot of money and time.

Cadena dijo que el hecho de que todos los grupos reconocen el valor de una educación universitaria amerita que se les ofrezca ayuda personalizada a los estudiantes. It also says that the encuesta indicates the possibility of getting to the people of their norms.

“Hubo un reconocimiento de que la universidad rompe ciclos”, – dyjo Kadena, “y rompe ciclos generacionales”.

Jason Gonzalez is a reporter who covers topics of superior education and Colorado law. Chalkbeat Colorado Colabora con Open campus in periodicity about the topic of superior education. To communicate with Jason, write a jgonzales@chalkbeat.org.

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