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What to do while you wait for a possible student loan forgiveness

What to do while you wait for a possible student loan forgiveness

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Contact the lender

Some of the mess here is added by the fact that millions of borrowers will have a new lender as long as payments resume due to changes in the industry.

Affected borrowers should receive several notifications, he said Scott Buchananexecutive director of the Student Loan Service Alliance, the Federal Student Loan Services Trade Group.

In September, if you mistakenly send a payment to an old service, the money should be transferred to your new one, Buchanan said.


Again, don’t expect forgiving student loans to destroy your entire balance.

“In all likelihood, student loan forgiveness will be limited in eligibility and amount, so you can’t count on it erasing all of your student loan debt,” Cantrowitz said.

Forgiveness of student loans, if this happens, will likely be limited to federal loans only

Mark Cantrowitz

expert in higher education

For example, $ 10,000 in cancellation would completely clear the debt for only a third of borrowers.

As a result, Cantrowitz recommends starting to save money now to ease the pain of recovering accounts.

Wait for refinancing

Although interest rates are currently low, Cantrowitz said borrowers should think twice about refinancing their debt to a private lender.

“Forgiveness of student loans, if that happens, will most likely be limited to federal loans only,” he said.

You don’t want to miss out on debt cancellation by striving for a lower interest rate.

Try to make sure you are eligible for assistance

Millions of people who took student loans until 2010 under Art Federal Credit for Family Education the programs were excluded from the government’s proposal to suspend their interest-free payments coronavirus pandemic.

There is some concern that these borrowers may also be deprived of any student loan forgiveness.

As a result, FFEL loan holders may want to contact their service staff and combine them into a core Direct loan A program that will apologize, Cantrowitz said.

The main disadvantage of this is that your maturity will be reset, and so if you are nearing the end, it may not make sense.

Don’t worry about taxes

Student loan forgiveness is now tax-free, thanks to the provisions included in The federal coronavirus stimulus package is $ 1.9 trillion which became law in March 2021.

Previously, any student loan debt canceled by the government was considered taxable and levied at the borrower’s regular income tax rate.

According to Kantrovitz’s estimate, $ 10,000 if canceled would incur additional taxes of $ 2,000 for the average borrower. If $ 50,000 for each borrower were canceled, the average person would have to write a $ 10,000 check to the IRS.

Now borrowers would be dismissed from these accounts.

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