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I just realized that it makes me uncomfortable, so even though I may be going through something difficult right now and feel obligated to disclose, it’s a piece of information that heightens the tension, meaning that not trusting me makes other people feel bad or sad, and it is not my intention to make others feel bad or sad when I feel bad.

For me, mental health issues are not up for debate, everyone can have their own opinion on what a mental health issue is and what it looks like, and I hope I don’t have to be made an example or a spectacle of issues for others to see, but I have not yet experienced a wise thought. I agree that hearing and seeing someone hurt can be painful for me to witness someone being treated like a fool, and I know it’s not always the people’s fault, so remember to take a step back and be patient.

Mental health is not about making mistakes or making the same mistakes over and over again. There is nothing about the repeated experience of diagnosis that communicates anything negative about the character of a person who does not experience symptoms on purpose or by choice (by mistake) or because of doubt thinking wisely. A person with a mental health problem is always procrastinating in life, taking medication to make them think about things, not being impulsive, so a person with a mental health problem who is struggling can be constant, but the dilemmas they face, and mental problems can become easier, the less negativity consumes you. Therefore, in order to create a positive view, it is also important not to participate in those conclusions that cause you to distrust, is a precursor to hostility and anger, when it comes to interpreting someone who is suffering, whether it is good, it is not due to internal pressure , and being around others makes your face light up. #simple.

The only thing that’s hard to understand about me is that I’ve been unlucky in love and friendships lately, and that’s not something I’m proud of. I never feel good enough to try, and I never feel confident enough to stay and keep trying, which explains why I’m single. Know that other times in life may not be the best for you and we can’t all roam free and have fun, some of us have responsibilities in life and we don’t have time to entertain others’ advances without looking bad, yeah that why i’m alone because i’m not going to make you look bad it’s because i don’t look bad that’s why it hurts and that’s what hurts and it’s bad to look at me what do you think when you feel good it can cheer you up , fix or fix you can’t it’s a mental health issue I need medication NOT people so it’s a misunderstanding with blogs that you can be cured by people that’s not true healing starts with you and the better prepared you are to deal it will be easier to merge your life problems.

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