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Harley McBride has been living alone in her house lately.

Immediately after the fight broke out and the Air France flight was diverted to Newfoundland, Canada, she was completely depressed. The previous saucy actress was fined C$36,000 (£19,500) after her drunken behavior on a plane led to an emergency landing.

Harley McBride, 67, was strapped to her seat with plastic straps on an Air France flight from New York to France in 2014. She was perfectly recognized for her active role in the 1970 pornographic film Chatterley’s Young Woman.

She had two drinks before boarding the Boeing 777, but became enraged when the crew refused to give her more.

Ms. McBride was arrested shortly after the captain made the decision to make a critical landing at Gander Global Airport in Newfoundland. According to Metro News, McBride pleaded guilty in a courtroom in Gander to “intentionally interfering with the general operation of the crew.”

Mainly due to the fact that the actress was not present at the hearing, her lawyer Ellen O’Gorman considered her request. The incident depressed the actress so much that she decided to continue her everyday life and choose a personal route. Nevertheless, she did not leave her profession.

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