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Who am I? – The process of spiritual awakening


Who am I?

I am nobody.

But you can call me Jim.

Right off the bat, I’m suggesting one of the most fundamental aspects of the path to spiritual freedom is finding out who we are.

I can fill pages of selective memories of Jim Tolles. I can say that I have been teaching since 2010. I may mention that I experienced a spiritual awakening in 2007. But the reality is that there is no such thing as a “Jim Tolles” insider. He is just a bunch of ideas – an ego.

And that’s true for you too.

You are nobody like me!

By coming to this blog, I hope to help guide you on the path to finding out who you are, which usually involves finding out who you are not.

It tends to be more than disorienting, and all sorts of ups and downs occur as we answer meaningful questions like “Who are you?”

Fortunately, I have literally hundreds of posts to help you, and I also offer a variety of services that you can learn about in the “Services» section of this blog.

If you are not familiar with me and this blog, I encourage you to read more about me here:

About Jim Tolles

I also recommend these posts and chapters:


What is spiritual awakening?

My online spirituality classes

I hope your journey along this path helps you find the freedom and truth to be nobody!

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