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Who is to blame for inflation? List of…


Here are about 15 factors driving prices, roughly in order. Most of the blame goes to those at the top of the list, at the bottom of the list are very humble but real contributors:

Blame it on inflation
1. Covid-19
2. Congress
3. President Biden cares about Act 3
4. President Trump cares about Acts 1+2
5. Consumers (overspend excluding cost)
6. Consumers (transition to goods)
7. Russian invasion of Ukraine
8. On-time delivery (supply chain)
9. Fed/monetary policy
10. Wages/Unemployment Insurance
11. Home defects
12. Semiconductors/Cars
13. Corporate profit seeking
14. Tax Cuts (2017) / Infrastructure (2022)
15. Crypt

Read the rest on Barry’s website:

Who’s to blame for inflation, 1-15 (the big picture)

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