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Why 2022 is the year of the nurse-teacher

Why 2022 is the year of the nurse-teacher

Frontline medical workers were deservedly proclaimed heroes during the fight against COVID-19. It is less noticeable that nursing educators have made it possible for nurses to provide everything from emergency measures to saving lives to palliative care.

Beverly Malone, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

President and CEO of the National League of Nurses

In recognition of their essential role and in celebrating the historical and ongoing inspiration of nurses around the world, I am proud to declare 2022 the Year of Nurses.

The the pandemic highlighted what was at stake if nursing resources are too small, especially for colored people and low-income communities. We know that among the major obstacles to addressing the shortage of nurses is the shortage of nursing caregivers, which in turn limits space for qualified applicants for nursing care programs. There can be no better answer to this vicious circle than to encourage more nurses to obtain the master’s degree required to teach in pre-licensure programs, and faculty in doctoral and doctoral programs become certified nursing faculty, an icon of experience in this advanced field. area of ​​practice.

As much of the education of nurses, like education at all levels, has gone online as needed over the past two years, the happy ending has been an increase in opportunities to obtain degrees entirely online through accredited programs and institutions. We expect such programs to relieve nurses of the burden of lost income, eliminate student loan arrears, and the need to relocate to a remote campus, making it easier to obtain a master’s degree in nursing or education.

Throughout the Year of Nursing, the National League of Nurses and our partner organizations emphasize the pride of having nurses teach in a variety of academic and clinical settings: preventive care in marginalized, poor communities.

To offer you this free downloadable online educational content, the company has created a special Nurses of the Year website: YearofMurseEducators.org. Throughout the year you will find published personal stories from veterans and novice nurses that tell what and who inspired them to go to nursing training and how their students help them maintain freshness to respond to new challenges. You will also learn from students about teachers who have changed their lives as they nominate these special people for a monthly recognition program.

In addition to the website, the campaign will feature an initiative on social media #BeyondANurseEducator, which will be launched in May in conjunction with the National Month of Nursing; the “Nurse-Teacher of the Year” award, which will be awarded to up to five honored recipients; and regular e-blasts, video responses, blog posts and podcasts on NursingEDge.

Please join me and my colleagues to congratulate our dedicated, hard-working heroes in medical education – and be inspired to join our ranks. The future nurse will thank you today. And their patients and families will thank you tomorrow!

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