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Why deal experts say you can skip it


Prime Day prices may not be Amazon’s best deal

Just because something is discounted on Prime Day doesn’t mean it’s the best deal you’ll see anywhere, or even all year.

Naturally, Amazon will offer better prices on its own hardware, such as the Kindle, Fire TV streamer and private label clothing. For example, the e-commerce giant is already promoting the 24-inch Fire TV for only $90nearly half off retail, while other early bird deals include up to 55% off the second-generation Echo Show Wi-Fi router, Kindle Paperwhite, and Eero Mesh.

Keep in mind that some items will be discounted later. Prices on mattresses and outdoor furniture are likely to be lower on Labor Day, toys are marked down the most on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and TVs typically reach their lowest prices on Super Bowl Sunday.

Even Amazon is looking beyond its Prime Day with a a second sales event is planned for the fall.

Competing sales increase bids

Other deals are by no means exclusive to Amazon. Walmart, Target and Best buyamong other things, are running competing deal events — as in previous years — for Amazon Prime Day 2022.

This time, Target’s 72-hour “Deal Days” start earlier and last longer, starting July 11, one day before Prime Day. Plus, Target will price match select Prime Day deals and take an additional 5% off for RedCard members.

“Every year they get a little more competitive,” Burrow said.

He also expects to find similarly decent deals at Walmart on kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and Nintendo Switch accessories, and expects Best Buy to compete with Apple electronics and devices.

Meanwhile, other retailers, including Bed, bath and more, Kolya, CongestionSamsung and Saks Fifth Avenue will be offering deep discounts of their own, according to Rakuten retail and shopping expert Kristen Gall.

How to make sure you get the best deals

To find the lowest prices overall, start crunching the numbers now, advised Christine McGrath, retail expert at RetailMeNot.

Price trackers are the easiest way to monitor how good a deal really is, especially for expensive items.

Christine McGrath

retail expert at RetailMeNot

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