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Why grip strength is important for longevity + how to maintain it


Grip strength has been used as an important measurement in research settings for a long time and in clinical practice more than ten years, and it remains a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to test muscle strength. This is usually measured with a device called a hand dynamometer, which can be found online or at most fitness centers.

In addition to muscle mass, grip strength has also become an indicator of overall health in recent years. Increases in muscle strength demonstrated by a stronger grip were associated with improved cardiovascular performance in large, longitudinal population studies. Grip strength has even been correlated with overall longevity. “We know that grip strength is a powerful indicator and potential biomarker of aging,” says Bj√∂rn Heine Strand of the Institute for Health and Society at the University of Oslo. Reuters.

Therefore, exercises that maintain muscle mass and grip strength become even more important as we age (when muscle loss becomes more common, but not inevitable).

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