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Why is an MBA degree better than AICTE PGDM?


The MBA vs. PGDM is an ongoing debate, but what is the difference between an MBA and a PGDM and what is the best program between them remains a big question for novice management students.

Students looking to get into the Top Business School are looking for the best way to achieve their goals. As the inaugural season approaches, the dilemma for applicants for management continues – MBA vs. PGDM and which business school to choose?

The EurAsian Times analyzes the difference between the two programs and analyzes why an MBA degree may have more benefits than a PGDM program.

Confusion with choosing a PGDM or MBA course peaks when students begin attending colleges for GD / PI counseling and sessions. All business schools boast of their outstanding locations, IIM and IIT teachersInternational exposition, etc. leaving the candidate for management in complete confusion.

Which adds to the level of confusion Education Consultants which further embarrass students of their own small cash income. At some point, students become so annoyed that they stop accepting all calls for admission. The EurAsian Times is clearly trying to explain the difference between an MBA and a PGDM.

What are the best business schools in Delhi, NCR for placement under AICTE?

MBA vs. PGDM: What’s the Difference?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) it is a diploma course provided by universities or colleges recognized by universities approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and sometimes by the All India Council for Technical EducationAICTE).

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)) is also a master ‘s degree program offered by autonomous institutes or colleges approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Some of the leading business schools, such as IIM and ISB, offer the PGDM / PGPM program (and, oddly enough, they are not approved by AICTE) because they do not collaborate with any university. But these B-schools have an excellent reputation and a great international reputation and are not worried about AICTE approval. Organizations also show no concerns or preferences.

Colleges that offer an MBA program follow a university curriculum (which is usually impossible to change or modify), while a PGDM program is flexible, and institutions such as IMT, MDI, XLRI, IIFT, SP Jain, NMIMS have the ability to change their course within the parameters approved by AICTE give them a huge advantage.

Which program is better – MBA or PGDM?

MBA vs. PGDM – this is an endless discussion, and, frankly, a lot depends on which university or college the student gets (based on entrance exam scores such as CAT / XAT / MAT, etc.) and not on the program itself, e.g. MBA or PGDM. The PGDM program claims to take a more practical approach to learning compared to the MBA (which is not always true).

MBAs from leading institutions such as FMS, IIT, DTU, are equally acceptable and in demand in the market. The main difference between the MBA and the PGDM is that the MBA course fee is usually less than the PGDM program, as the PGDM comes with a variety of industrial travel, international exposure programs, in addition, is a revenue model for institutions. (The PGDM program at IIM can cost up to 28 varnishes, while an MBA from the University of FMS-Delhi will cost only about 2 varnishes).

Top Business Schools in India: 5 Points You Need to Know Before Choosing a Business School in India?

Corporations recognize talent in both programs and are more interested in the best brands and students, and don’t care about the MBA or PGDM. Students fear that after PGDM they will not be able to receive a higher education such as PhD, but if PGDM is approved by the AIU, students will also be eligible for PhD programs.

However, rest assured that having a PGDM degree instead of an MBA degree will not matter in your corporate career in India, as after all, it is the student that matters !.

SP Jain itself reviews the Global MBA / Executive MBA @ SP Jain School of Global Management program

Students should be very clear in choosing a PGDM or MBA program and the institute they choose. Students should evaluate the business school brand, as a business school with a higher brand value will provide a good learning environment and a large alumni network.

MBA vs. PGDM: Which is Finally Better?

Both programs, i.e. MBA and PGDM are good and very similar. The most important thing is the business school you get based on your score. Which business school would you choose – An MBA from the University of FMS-Delhi or an PGDM from IIM-Lucknow?

Best ROI: If I had to make a choice, I would of course choose FMS-DU since the fee is much lower than in IIM-Lucknow, and the return on investment is much much faster. However, there is a shortage of first-class universities that offer MBA programs, and students have no choice but to choose expensive PGDM programs.

Public vacancies in India: Apart from the corporate sector, many government organizations still, unfortunately, do not recognize the PGDM diploma, and government vacancies are one of the areas where MBA degree holders will have an advantage over others.

International vacancies: If you ever choose immigration or overseas opportunities, chances are your PGDM will not be recognized or valued as highly as an MBA degree. Even IIM sought to provide MBA programs, not diplomas, and once that happens, PGDM programs will lose their luster, and colleges will lose big business.

Approved AIU PGDM Colleges – How Important is AIU Approval for PGDM Institutions in India?

Key differences between MBA and PGDM


MBA from the Government. university

MBA from a private university

Indian Institutes of Management (IIM)

PGDM Private Colleges

The proposed program

Masters of Business Administration

Masters of Business Administration

Postgraduate Studies in Management (PGP)

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)






Number of institutes offering programs





Top institutes / colleges

FMS – University of Delhi; IIFT Delhi-Deemed University; JBIMS – University of Mumbai; FUIBA-University of Pune

Subsidiary colleges of public universities such as Anna University, Bangalore University, etc.

Top Private Universities NMIMS-Mumbai; Symbiosis – Pune; XIM-XUB Bhubaneswar.

More than 100 private universities offer MBAs

IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode and other 14 new and latest IIM


Degree / Diploma recognized / approved

University Grants Commission (UGC)

University Grants Commission (UGC)

Recognized by the Ministry of Human Rights

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)


Tough because approvals from the university are required

The curriculum at most public universities and colleges is theoretical and not frequently updated.

The curriculum at good private universities, such as NMIMS and Symbiosis, is in line with IIMs, the best PGDM B-schools.

Flexible and frequently updated.

Focus on industry needs and job requirements, as placement is a key student expectation.

Flexible and frequently updated.

Focus on industry needs and job requirements, as placement is a key student expectation.

The program is suitable for

The MBA, offered by public universities, is more suitable for candidates interested in earning a degree for a higher education, academic career.

The MBA offered by leading private universities is good for both corporate careers and academics.

Students focus on improving their employment skills for a better corporate career, job or starting their own business.

Students focus on improving their employment skills for a better corporate career, job or starting their own business.


Fees at public universities / colleges are low. The FMS Delhi fee is just Rs 25,000 for a full MBA course.

The University of Bangalore prescribes a 2-year fee of less than 200,000 lakhs.

The private university MBA fee corresponds to IIM, PGDM B-schools based on their market recognition.

The fee for NMIMS Mumbai is Rs. 17.44 lakhs; The SIBM Pune fee is Rs. 18.25 million

IIMs have a relatively higher fee structure.

The fee of IIM Ahmedabad is 21 lakhs, the fee of IIM Bangalore is 19.5 lakhs, the fee of IIM Calcutta is 19 lakhs of rupees.

The best PGDM B-schools take from 10 lakh to 20 lakh rupees for a 2 year MBA.

The fee for SPJIMR is Rs. 16 lakhs, the fee for MDI Gurgaon is 18.89 lakhs rupees, the IMI fee of New Delhi is Rs. 15.41 million

Fees for many good B B PGDM schools are from Rs. Also 5-10 lakhs.

Duration of the program

Two years

Two years

Two years

Two years

The exam was held



By individual IIM

By individual college /


Admission process and entrance examinations

Some government. Central universities and their colleges take national-level entrance examinations, such as CAT / XAT, and / or also conduct their own entrance examinations.

Most state colleges run by state governments take state-level exams such as MAHCET, PGCET, TANCET, though these colleges.

The best private universities conduct their own exams such as NMAT, SNAP, X-GMT

The General Entrance Examination (CAT), conducted by IIM, is a compulsory entrance examination for residents of India

B-schools can choose one or more of 6 approved exams: CAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT, GMAT, ATMA

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