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Why is it so hard to avoid the story of the “grin” in education

Why is it so hard to avoid the story of the “grin” in education

It is still popular to reward students who demonstrate “endurance” who overcome the difficult chances of becoming successful. It’s part of the “pull up the bottle” spirit that is part of American mythology.

But this narrative may run counter to the efforts of educational justice by committing to the achievement of students, no matter what systemic obstacles stand in their way.

Alice Quart’s new book, Bootstrapped: Getting Rid of the American Dream, examines why stories of independence – even in children’s literature – like Little Prairie House – are so hard to get rid of. And it offers more community-oriented alternatives that could improve equity in education.

This week’s episode is our bonus part Bootstraps podcast series that focused more on justice. We step back to consider the key themes of the series ’first season, and see what changed after we reported on some of the controversy in which we dug up.

The greatest development has taken place in the last few months, when controversial changes in the system of admission to the country’s highest public high school, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, or TJ, just outside Washington, DC have been discussed. last year, the lawsuit over the new admission system came all the way to the Supreme Court, and we’ll let you know what action the court has taken.

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