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Why Should You Study Physical Education?

Why Should You Study Physical Education?

Physical education provides children with the skills, information, and competencies they need to live in good physical shape and active lifestyles. Physical education is not just limited to providing the children with the skills, information, and competencies they need to live healthy and physically active lifestyles at school and throughout their lives, but if taken up as major subject, it may open a plethora of career opportunities as well.

Various factors, such as the willingness to be fit, knowledge and understanding of health benefits, sparked interest in competitive sports, and finally, the increase in sheer scope of knowledge in physical education have led to the continued expansion and enlarged job prospects as physiotherapists, sports psychologists, fitness trainers, sports photographers, and sports journalists, among others.

Benefits of studying physical education:

Students are pumped up to engage in physical activity and understand how it affects their own and others’ well-being. They encourage others to join in sports, dance, fitness, recreation, and adventurous pursuits by exhibiting the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Physical education skills assist students enhance their performance, develop their strategy and tactics knowledge, and transfer knowledge from one setting to another, such as sport and recreational and outdoor activities.

It  explicitly teaches the knowledge and abilities required for functioning with and relating to others, as well as providing chances for these talents to be developed.

It promotes the development of leadership and teamwork abilities, as well as the transfer of information to other areas of study.

One of the benefits of physical education is that it aids in the improvement of pupils’ academic performance. The majority of physical activities that students participate in at school are linked to improved levels of focus, which aid in better behaviour. Physical activity and sports activities aid in the reinforcement of classroom knowledge.

Careers options after taking up Physical Education as your major

Teaching Career: Physical education teachers can find work not only in high schools and secondary schools, but also in colleges and universities.

Health sector: Candidates with a degree in physical education can work as fitness trainers, gym trainers, yoga instructors, or health trainers in both private and public organisations.

Communication: Sports communication is also a good career option. Some career options in the communication media for physical education candidates may include writing a sports journalism book, book publishing for sports photographers, broadcasting of sports events.

In Sports administration: A physical education student is also qualified for administrative positions such as sports administration, sports club management, sports marketing and promotion, and so on. They can also work as officials in international and national sports events such as the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, World Cup, and other international tournaments.

Sportsperson: Many government and business sector professions, including as defence services, banking, and railways, are accessible for skilled athletes. Nowadays, amateur sports have become commercialised, and several sports have professional leagues. Professional athletes can earn a lot of money by competing in the leagues mentioned above. Professional players also earn a lot through commercials.

Sports biomechanics, nutrition and many other occupations can be found in the discipline of physical education.



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