Xero has partnered with Lewes FC to help women develop on and off the pitch


    We believe, like Lewes FC, that the financial viability of clubs at all levels is essential to the flourishing of women’s football. Simply put, we believe that better numbers off the field will produce better numbers on it.

    Today we are incredibly excited to announce a three-year partnership between Lewes FC and Xero to help the club in its mission to achieve greater equality in the women’s game.

    This partnership will demonstrate how the pursuit of equality in sport and financial sustainability are inextricably linked. When you invest in the women’s game, you invest in the bigger picture. We both believe that improving the financial health of clubs is an important force to encourage more girls and women to play football. And we believe that with the help of the forces of local communities and small businesses, it is possible to achieve this.

    How the partnership will work

    Xero and Lewes will work together on a range of initiatives and activations to enable clubs across the country to improve their financial viability, as well as enabling them to work together with the local small business, accountants and bookkeeping communities.

    Our partnership investment will enable Lewis to hire new staff to focus on executing its strategy and communicating the importance of sound finances to the grassroots club community.

    We will work with Lewes staff and volunteers who give up their time to run grassroots clubs, helping them learn and develop the skills that enable them to achieve equality and financial viability.

    Together we will also create a local small business network that makes it easier for small businesses and accountants to engage with and support their local football club.

    Those who travel to Lewes FC’s home ground, The Dripping Pan, will see Xero support on the perimeter boards, on the women’s first team shirts and on (and inside) one of Lewes FC’s famous beach huts.

    Economic opportunities

    Football throughout the country has a huge impact on the economy. In accordance with 2021 FA Report, 13.5 million people across England play football regularly, contributing £7.74 billion in direct economic value. Participation in Women’s Euro 2022 and the inspiration it provides shows the benefits of continued consistent support and is projected to contribute £54m into the economy.

    Equal opportunities

    However, 70% of women’s football clubs work at a loss. This directly affects the future of women’s football across the country. But it also says something about basic business practices.

    It has been five years since Lewes FC announced pay parity between the men’s and women’s teams. And the club is thriving on and off the pitch. Their path to financial stability is permanent, and they show how their approach can work.

    For Lewes FC, every penny they spend they have to earn themselves. This makes them more innovative, creative and able to focus on great gaming, with local food and drink and in a welcoming and inclusive environment. And it makes the club and the business behind the club more sustainable in the long run.

    To learn more about how Xero is helping to grow the game, visit of this page.

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