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Zillow Gone Wild. Content creators love real estate. So there are all these social media content creators, right? They want to post something all the time and want people to follow them. One of the big objects they use is real estate, and they take advantage of people’s attachment to real estate. And the fact that people want houses so badly, want something else, or do all of these things.

Just like another really good example of that, like home improvement trade shows and everything that goes with that, right? And all the TV channels that come out of all these things, people buying things and DIY craze and everything that’s going on.

How’s that for real estate? is correct. And the answer is this: I believe that almost any publicity or any attention is good attention. I think a lot of people are obsessed with real estate right now and they talk about it all the time.

If you ever go out to a restaurant and just sit there talking to whoever you’re talking to and then you hear some chatter in the distance, you know how you can, like, hear a voice every once in a while you hear someone say something , and you just listen for a second because it just blows your mind, right? And suddenly you listen. Let’s talk about real estate.

And no, it’s probably inappropriate for you to go up to them and talk to them about what’s going on in your world. But it’s amazing how much people talk about real estate, about the valuation of what they’ve done, what they want to do, what their neighbor has done, because everyone knows what they’re talking about, and people gossip. So this will cause a lot of discussion.

But let’s take a look at this article that we have here and we’ll give you that link. Don’t Fear Content Creators Why Zillow Gone Wild Isn’t Bad for Real Estate Agents.

So, like I said, pretty much any publicity is good publicity, right? It shows those properties in light, and people like to put themselves on the sidelines and show off the properties and do all those things right. So, we just go through this article and discuss it for you. And I believe the same. Whenever you announce something, it will be good.

The number of views is huge. If you just go into your email and think about it and see how many times someone has viewed, clicked, scrolled or other metrics for your properties, you can see where that’s happening. Maybe it’s up to you MLS account, it may be enabled as Realtor.com, it may be enabled Zillow. You’ll see how many times it’s been viewed there, and then you’ll realize that it’s also going out to all the other brokerage websites, how many times it’s been viewed there, how many times it’s been in someone’s search, and how many times it’s been shared online.

And you look and you see all these promotions, all these mentions, all the people who laid eyes on it. It’s incredible to think about how many people are talking about real estate all the time and how many people are viewing it, scrolling, wishing and hoping. And it’s just awesome. So, I strongly believe that almost any attention is well-intentioned and you should have no problem with these people.

I just don’t want them posing as real estate agents and saying they are either property owners, they need to ask for proper permission to do that. And you can’t just do things. But I think it’s an article that I think is worth taking a moment to look at and see the unique approaches to social media that people are using and how it’s getting them noticed and how it’s helping them grow their following. I think these people you’ll see here will have a lot of different views and a lot of followers.

So, if that’s what you’re looking for, it might be a good idea for you to take a closer look at it. It will be in the chat and you can look there in the description later. So I wish you success.

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