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New cases of coronavirus in Idaho continue to grow, but not among school-age children

New coronavirus cases continued to rise across the state last week, but among school-age children, cases have slowed. Last week, the state reported more than...
The Colorado Sun

Colorado schools intend to get a one-year reprieve from the mascot ban

Colorado schools, which could be fined a $ 25,000 monthly fine for Thunderbird mascots, could receive a one-year reprieve to comply with 2021 state...
 How to care for COVID at home and it is an allergy to sniff or virus?  COVID Coming Soon, 30 Series

How to care for COVID at home and it is an allergy to sniff...

Tanya Lewis: Hello, and welcome COVID, soona Scientific American a series of podcasts. Josh Fishman: This is your quick update on A pandemic of covanvirus...
Emissions from international trade in agricultural products are growing - ScienceDaily

Research shows that imaging method can detect lung cancer earlier, at the cellular level...

Researchers at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania have found a way to identify lung cancer at the cellular level in...
ISEB and CENTURY partner for K12 evaluation

ISEB and CENTURY partner for K12 evaluation

Companies will be collaborating on initiatives aimed at “bringing innovation to the assessment sector”, starting with improving the online tests that students take as...