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a new base adopted under ESTRIP

Developed under the village East African Skills Project for Transformation and Regional Integration (EASTRIP) funded by the World Bank by Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania...

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Opinion | More Americans are dying from drug overdoses than...

“Our bill makes it clear that any savings from the merger will be reinvested in the system,” Senator Harkham says. "But the unions,...

The digital divide of Los Angeles students is a civil rights...

On Tuesday, Los Angeles school officials announced a $ 50 million effort to provide adequate Internet for all families in the nation's second-largest school...

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Deutsche Bahn presents a completely new look for ICE cars

Deutsche Bahn presents a completely new look for ICE cars

All in the trains of the future! Deutsche Bahn ICE cars are undergoing major upgrades to give passengers more comfort, more privacy and...
Emissions from international trade in agricultural products are growing - ScienceDaily

How sleep helps to process emotions – ScienceDaily

Researchers from the Department of Neurology at the University of Bern and the University Hospital of Bern have identified how the brain sorts emotions...

The Rocky Mountain College is collaborating with the University of Alberta

The partnership, which “formalizes a guaranteed” admission for the second year of engineering studies at the Alberta School of Education, is based on a...

We believe in the youth, we believe in another Europe – POLITICO

In which Europe will the next generation of Europeans live? Will they live in a prosperous, open and friendly Union with opportunities for...

Barnsley College of Arts students demonstrate skills – FE News

Barnsley College higher education students showcased their work at two end-of-year exhibitions in downtown. Undergraduate and undergraduate students of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program...