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Tiktok social network – entering the global market

The popular social network TikTok, where short videos are published with cheerful music, is already known to almost everyone. The site itself writes about...

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Harvest and Thanksgiving Resources for 2022 – Godspacelight

by Melissa Taft Here in the Pacific Northwest, we're chomping down on the last bits of bountiful garden goodness and gearing up for Thanksgiving and...

Why Spanking Sucks, Lessons Of Divorce, & More

Seth Spears is an adventure-loving entrepreneur, business connector, product designer, podcaster, marketing strategist, and angel investor who loves the great outdoors, world travel, live...

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International research collaboration unravels the mystery of vine stem diseases – ScienceDaily

Grapevine stem diseases, or GTDs, are the bane of vineyard owners worldwide, and as of 2012 caused more than $1.5 billion in annual economic...

Plant study shows evolution can be predictable – ScienceDaily

Evolution has long been seen as a fairly random process, with species traits shaped by random mutations and environmental events – and therefore largely...

Higher education can—and should—help nontraditional students like me

I grew up knowing that I wanted to graduate high school and get a college degree. I wanted to be a chemical engineer...

California is experiencing its driest three years on record

California's drought has become the state's driest three-year stretch on record, surpassing the 2013-15 period, and a fourth dry year is looking increasingly likely,...